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Left Coast Poetry – October 20, 2017

Lane Community Writers Series – Oct. 5, 2017

River Road Reading Series – Sept. 24, 2017

Springfield Poetry Series – October 3, 2017

Windfall Reading Series – September 19, 2017


Howard W. Robertson’s newest novel, Love in the Cretaceous, has been published by Anaphora Literary Press and is now available from Amazon and other booksellers:

Love in the Cretaceous turns everything you learned from Jurassic Park on its head. In Robertson’s Oregon, one hundred years from now, dinosaurs roam the earth, while humans are busy cutting off their own exit. Robertson, a notable local poet and fiction writer, throws his readers into the soup with love, loss, and extinction (and a very sinister cameo); the thrills in this one are metaphysical as well as primordial, as you’ll see when you dip in.” —