Following are some links you might find helpful, interesting, or fun. Please note that these links are provided for your convenience; their inclusion does not constitute an endorsement by the Lane Literary Guild or any of its members!

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Organizations & Societies

Websites & Magazines for Writers / about Writing

  • Authorlink: News and more for writers.
  • Byline Magazine: A monthly paper magazine for writers (see also for contests).
  • How to Start a Blog, by Matt Banner: A guide that provides all the information needed to learn how to start and grow a blog.
  • Litline: Litline has closed, but its extensive links section remains.
  • Poets & Writers: The website for the magazine of the same name.
  • Rosedog: Resources for writers, including a showcase of unpublished work available to publishers and agents.
  • Writelinks: Resources for writers, including critique groups.
  • Writer’s Digest: The website for the paper publication of the same name. Their link toWriter’s Guidelines is especially valuable if you have work you’re submitting to journals.
  • Writers’ Exchange: Resources for writers.
  • Writers Hood: An e-zine publishing genre fiction, general fiction, and nonfiction. Also some info for writers.
  • Writers’ Journal.: The website for Writers’ Journal, a paper magazine for writers.
  • Writers Markets: An e-zine and books for writers.
  • Writers Net: Internet resource for writers, editors, publishers, and agents.
  • Writer’s Resource Center: Articles and info for writers.
  • Writing World: Inkspot is gone, but many of the resources and articles have been moved here.

Personal Websites of Local Writers

For Poets

Writing Competitions

Writing Conferences

  • Centrum: Centrum Arts & Creative Education offers many programs, including a summer writer’s conference and artist-in-residence opportunities.
  • Directory of Writers’ Conferences: A resource from George Mason University.
  • Fishtrap: An organization that features programs for writers, including the popular Fishtrap summer and winter writers’ conferences in the Wallowa Mountains of Northwest Oregon.
  • ShawGuides Inc.: provides a comprehensive, searchable online list of literary conferences.

Writing Programs

Literary Publications & Publishers

  • Clear Cut Press: a publishing and distribution company from North Pacific America
  • Traprock Books – For information, please call editor Erik Muller at 541-344-1053.
  • Bold Type: A literary e-zine by Random House.
  • Caffeine Destiny: An online literary magazine from Portland, OR.
  • Denali: the literary and art magazine of Lane Community College.
  • Dustbooks: Small press information.
  • Moonbomb Press: An e-zine for nearly all types of creative writing.
  • Scrivenery Press: A royalty publisher of fiction and nonfiction books.
  • THESE!: A 20 page quarterly independently produced spiral bound booklet featuring art and poetry of creative people.
  • Xlibris: A site that provides publishing on demand and a sales outlet for self publishing.
  • Terrain: on-line journal (recommended by Charles Goodrich)

Lane County Libraries

Local Events Information