Writer’s Access: November-December 2001

LLG Announcements

Steering Committee Needs Volunteers

We are happy to announce that Cecelia Hagen has stepped up to become the next newsletter editor. (Maia has gone south to Humboldt County, and will continue to maintain the website and e-Access.)

We are still looking for a new secretary for the Guild, whose primary responsibilities are to take and distribute notes from our monthly meetings, maintain the Steering Committee roster, and to write the occasional thank you letter.

Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m., and are open to all LLG members. Committee members are non-elected volunteers. Do you have ideas to share? Call or email a committee member, or come to the next meeting. For directions or information, call 484-5187 or send us an email.

Workshop Announcements

Poetry II:

Poetry II has openings for new members. Interested? Contact Michael Hanner at 895-2236, or send him an email.

Kudos (Member News)

Gary Adams will have his ant poem series published in Carriage House Review in 2002.

Want a pat on the back? Email us with your successes.

Opportunities & Events

John Reed, Eugene author and writing teacher will be offering the Writers-by-the-Sea Fiction Writers Workshop on January 26th and 27th, 2002, at the Yachats Commons in Yachats, Oregon. The workshop will feature craft lectures on character, structure and scene development as well as in-class writing exercises and one-on-one manuscript critique. For more information and registration packet, send John an email, call him at (541) 461-0789 or visit Reed’s editing and critique website.

About Writer’s Access

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The Writer’s Access is published bimonthly; the website is updated as changes & additions occur.

The next newsletter will be released in November. Please send announcements by December 15th for inclusion! (Items received later will still be added to the website.)